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Reaching out to our neighborhood

We are proud of our beautiful campus and our little patch of green.  We know that sometimes our building seems a little tucked away in the woods.  We have a new calling to reach out to our community to make sure that our love and support doesn’t stay tucked away.  We want it to spill out  into the neighborhood that surrounds us.

We believe you will find Northminster a warm and welcoming community of faith.  Our new members always mention how much it felt like home right away.  Those who worship here come from a broad range of backgrounds, and we consider ourselves blessed by their presence in our church. We welcome all to come and receive the warmth and family that  can be found at Northminster.

With arms and hearts open, we invite you to worship with us. We pray that you will be encouraged and supported in your journey of faith.  As our sign outside says, we want to draw closer to God and each other.  We hope that you are drawn closer to God by your experience with us, and that you will come to love God more deeply and live out those convictions more fully.


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