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The church began as a tri-union church: United Presbyterian (northern), Presbyterian Church U.S. (southern) and Cumberland Presbyterian (http://www.cumberland.org/). Two denominations, United Presbyterian and Presbyterian Church U.S.
(http://www.pcusa.org/ ) merged in 1983 and Northminster became a Union Church.

According to our Book of Order (G-6.0300) as there were in Old Testament times elders for the government of

the people, so the New Testament Church provided persons with particular gifts to share in governing and ministry. Elders are chosen by the people. Together with ministers of the Word and Sacrament, they exercise leadership, government, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a particular church as well

as the church at large, including ecumenical relationships.. We serve God and our community in the Great Northwest area of San Antonio, Texas.


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