god-is-waiting-for-you-to-get-up-2There is the story of the little boy who fell out of bed. When his Mom asked him what happened, he answered, “I don’t know. I guess I stayed too close to where I got in.”

It is easy to do the same with our faith. It is tempting to not move forward in our spiritual growth. The purpose of a daily devotional is to help you move forward in your faith journey.

When you set a time during the day to be with God and participate in a devotional reading it is amazing how often that devotional speaks right to what you need to hear…like it was written just for you!

May we grow together in good habits of discipleship

  • the habit of prayer
  • the habit of study
  • the habit of serving
  • the habit of fellowship

May Christ be with you.

Please visit these recommended sites to start your devotional today:

The Upper Room Devotional

“These Days” Devotional booklets are available in the Family Room also.