Elders and Deacons


Ruling elders are elected by the congregation. Elders are considered to be persons of wisdom and maturity of faith, having demonstrated skills in leadership and being compassionate in spirit. Together with the minister (the teaching elder) elders have the responsibilities for the life of the congregation. When elected they serve faithfully as members of the session for a term of three years. There are two elders on each of the six Ministries.

Class of 2018: Marcia Hare, Kurt Owen, Sandra Parrish, Bill Strautman
Class of 2019: Ron Garcia, Lora Havrda, Marisa Flores-Mascorro, Yvonne May
Class of 2020: Lynn Carroll, Brian Harding, Larry Osterle, Jeremy Young


The Deacons are responsible for the nurturing of the church family and for providing programs to strengthen member relationships, and build a sense of belonging. The Deacons create opportunities for fellowship, fun, and serving.  They monitor the need for pastoral care of church members and provide support and assistance to the other church ministries.

Class of 2018: Danielle Courchesne, Tony Gattis, David Pinner, Ida Reyes
Class of 2019: Pam Baker, Deanie Bluschke, Laurie Owen, Elsa Salazar
Class of 2020: Janina Cleveland, Susan Cloud, Crystal Flint, Julie Guill
Class of 2020: Hannah Grant, Youth Deacon to the Deacon