Join the Family

Make yourself at home

When looking for a new church family, it’s nice to get a feel for the congregation.  We invite you to visit for as long as you’d like.  Attend any of our special events throughout the year.  It’s another great way to get to know the people who call Northminster home.

Reach out to the pastor

Let the pastor know that you’d like to join our congregation.  She’d like to celebrate your decision the with you and will help prepare the next step.

Talk with the session

You’ll have a chance to talk with the session (our members who have been elected to help govern the church) and ask any questions you might have.  They’ll have a few simple questions for you before gladly welcoming you!

Get involved

One of the best ways to truly feel at home in a church congregation is to find your niche.  We have lots of opportunities and ways for you to share your talents and help us grow in the way that only you can.