Rev. Bill Bischoff

The Parish Associate Pastor is an ordained minister and responsible to assist the Senior Pastor with ministerial and support needs as they arise. The Associate Pastor is primarily involved in church ministries such as preaching by filling the pulpit as needed, teaching, counseling, small group ministries, and general support of other church programs.

In 1972 Reverend Bill Bischoff pastored the First Reformed Church in Sodus, New York and enlisted as a Navy Reserve chaplain. At Elgin AFB Florida, Nicole was born, and Bill received a master’s degree in Counseling. He then served a year remote tour at Sonderstorm AB in Greenland. Here in town at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Bill cared for children with cancer and women who gave premature birth. At Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Chaplain Bischoff directed a religious education program for 35 adults and children. As a Senior Protestant Chaplain at George AFB CA., Bill directed programs for the Protestant community. At Shepherd AFB he arranged for chaplains’ offices to be in student dormitories to care for the needs of young recruits. At Kelly AFB he supervised pastoral care due to base closure. At Keesler AFB MS, he was Executive Officer to the Wing Chaplain. After 26 years of active-duty military service, he retired on September 11, 2001. Returning to San Antonio, he is the assistant to the senior pastor at Northminster Presbyterian Church.

Director of Music Ministry
Melynn Young