Breakfast With Jesus

Breakfast With Jesus

Sunday            07-05-20                 5th Sunday After Pentecost

Text:          John 21:4-17

This weekend we are celebrating the 4th of July.  Because of pandemic restrictions, this year’s celebrations will be more subdued but this holiday will always be associated with Patriotism and with good food, friends, and family.   My family has always had its family reunion on the 4th and during the time we lived in New York, I belonged to a flying club.  So every 4th of July, we would fly to Western Pennsylvania for the reunion.   The trip home was always fantastic because as we flew at night the length of Pennsylvania, we would see endless fireworks displays from every county seat in the state.  Patriotism, our love of country, is always enriched by such memories that bring a smile to our faces, whenever we think of them.

Our text for today is about the disciples having breakfast on the beach with their risen Lord.  This is the story in which Peter is redeemed for his denial of Jesus by answering three times, “Simon Peter, do you love me?”  Our theme this morning is all about appreciating the wonderfulness of common moments in our life that produce uncommon pleasure for years to come.  Join with us.



                                                                                                     —Pastor Paul