Coming Up Grateful

Text:  Luke 2:38

“Coming up at that very moment, she returned thanks to God: and she talked about the child to all who were looking for the liberation of Jerusalem.”

In December of 1945 a new gospel (the Gospel of Thomas) was discovered buried in an ancient gnostic library near Nag Hammadi, Egypt.  Some folks went nuts over this “new” gospel with its unknown sayings and descriptions of Jesus’ life.  The church was accused of hiding the truth about Jesus with its official cannon (the Bible).  As is true with many subjects, this discovery was better at making headlines than serving as a reliable source for research about Jesus.  One example of why the enthusiasm cooled for this unknown gospel was its last verse which states flatly, “For every female who makes herself male will enter the domain of Heaven.

There are a number of pseudo-gospels that have been known by the church since the second century and all have a common characteristic of providing stories about the childhood of Jesus.  This simply reinforces the old saying, “nature abhors a vacuum.”  Our verse today is one of three Bible accounts that mention the childhood of Jesus.  (The other two are the Christmas story and the boy Jesus in the Temple.) And when was the last time you heard a sermon on Ana?  Join with us as we examine how this remarkable woman “came up grateful.”