Dent, Chips, & Stretch Marks

Dent, Chips, & Stretch Marks

Our text is about Adam and Eve being cursed and expelled from Paradise.  I once saw a cartoon of these two running out of the Garden of Eden with a flaming, twirling sword behind them.  Eve is saying to Adam, “I think we’re in a time of transition!”

One question we’ll be raising is, “Have we been out of the Garden so long, that the present world looks normal to us?”  The U.S. State Department rotates its embassy employees on a regular basis to keep them from “going native.”  That is, when people live in another country long enough, they begin to think of it as home and begin to make excuses for and defend their host country instead of representing their true home.  Being kicked out of the Garden was a huge punishment for Adam and Eve but have we lived (in the words of the Bible) “East of Eden” so long that we have adjusted to a new normal? 

What would living with perfection in Paradise really be like?  What would a perfect school system look like?  What would a perfect healthcare system look like? What would a perfect government look like?  And, of course, what would a perfect church look like?  If we at Northminster really hit perfection, what would we be doing differently?

Join with us this Sunday as your pastor strives to hit perfection.  Hopefully you will not come away saying, ¨He did it!  He did it!  He’s a perfect idiot!”  🙂

                                                                                                         Pastor Paul