Doing A 180

Text:  Luke 3:7-16

This Sunday is Baptism of Our Lord Sunday.  That Christ would be baptized might seem a paradox since the church has long emphasized that adult baptism is meant for remission of past sins and that Christ was said to be born without sin.  However, by humbling himself and being baptized by John the Baptist, Christ is seen taking on the sins of others and giving his followers a model to replicate.  This act was necessary not for him but for us.  After the Epiphany, which is seen as the “first manifestation” of the Lord, the Baptism is the “second manifestation” which marks the beginning of Christ’s public ministry.

John the Baptist was very popular among the common people because, unlike Jesus, he fit their expectations of how a prophet should look and act.  Yet John served his purpose well of preparing the way for Jesus with his theme of   “Repent and be baptized.”  Join with us this Sunday as we consider the necessity of doing a 180, not just away from something bad, but towards something incredibly good.