How High Is Your Spiritual EQ?

How High Is Your Spiritual EQ?

Text:  Genesis 2:15-24

Our text today is the well-known creation story of Adam losing a rib and gaining a wife.  I will never forget my first day of  a college anatomy class when the professor asked us to identify the gender of the skeleton in front of us.  The pelvic bone structure is one sure giveaway but one young lady began to closely examine the rib cage to see if a rib was missing.  🙂

Part of our reflection on this text will be referencing the work of Edward Halliwell,  who was a senior lecturer at Harvard Medical School.  He once wrote that achieving goals and relating to others are two of the most powerful and basic of human activities.  Most of us get higher marks for achievements than relations. 

Many have suggested that our “aloneness” stems from our current style of suburban living which is a recent, radical departure from millennia of our living in small communities.  I once spent a month living in Berlin and was amazed that this huge city is really a cluster of villages, each with its own train station, retail area, residential area, and industrial area.  I had only lived in my village for three days when the various shopkeepers were calling me “Herr DeMotte.”  (Try that at Walmart!)

Join with us as we reflect on the need for companionship and why it has been scientifically proven that eating Hostess Twinkies with a group of friends is better than eating broccoli alone.