Joy in the Midst of Crisis

Joy in the Midst of Crisis

Text: Psalm 100:1-3

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.

Worship the Lord with gladness

Our topic this Sunday is joy and pleasure in the Christian life.  Can we experience them much of the time?  What about if we are struggling with heavy-duty problems?  Is it still possible?

I know a story about a young man who joins a monastery where the monks spend most of their time making newer manuscripts from older ones.  He says to the Abbot, “I notice that you are making copies of copies and that’s how errors creep in.  Have you considered comparing your latest work with the original manuscript?”  “Great idea,” says the Abbott who heads down to the catacombs under the monastery to do just that.  When he doesn’t return for hours, the young monk begins to worry and goes looking for his boss.  He finds the old man at a large wooden table with melting candles and an original manuscript in front of him.  The old man is groaning, pounding the table, and saying over and over again, “The word was celebrate.  The word was celebrate.

Join with us this Sunday as we celebrate God with us.