The Trinity: Our Security and Our Song

The Trinity: Our Security and Our Song

Sunday            06-07-20                    Trinity Sunday

Text:  Revelation 4:1-8 

OK, confession is good for the soul.  I confess that I have always struggled with abstract language.  In seminary, while many of my fellow students raved about their theology courses, I was signing up for every Hebrew and Greek course that was offered.  The biblical languages were so tangible while theology seemed, well, fuzzy.

In church history classes, I marveled that the church fathers spent centuries arguing about the precise nature of Christ’s incarnation or spilt so much ink on so much parchment to define the  exact nature of the Holy Trinity or how God was present in Holy Communion.

This Sunday will be filled with mystery as we celebrate Trinity Sunday and Holy Communion.  I have experienced God as Creator, Savior, and indwelling Spirit, and so affirm my belief in the   Trinity.  Just don’t ask me for details.  Likewise, when I hold up the bread or the cup and say “This is the body of Christ for you,” or “The blood of Christ shed for you,” I really believe that Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said, “This is my body, broken for you.”  But again, don’t ask me to take sides in the historical debates over how exactly Christ is present in the elements.

Today, the church fights over social issues that reflect our cultural divisions more than theological differences.  But before we are tempted to argue over doctrinal or social issues, let us ask ourselves two questions:  First, what if God really is the smartest kid on the block?  And secondly, what if God really is the most loving being in the universe?  Once we truly acknowledge these fundamental truths, a lot of our arguments begin to appear unbelievably unimportant.

Join with us this Sunday, online or in person, to celebrate rather than explain the mysteries of our faith.

Stay well—and sane