You’re Not God

Text:  Daniel 2:1-14, 16

A recent Far Side cartoon had the caption, “The reason cats will never have organized religion.”  The cartoon shows about 8 cats sitting around a living room with each one thinking, “I am God!”  This thinking is not limited to cats.  Anybody remember what the first human sin was according to the Book of Genesis?

I must confess, this Sunday’s message is going in the opposite direction of most of my thinking, which is to remind all of us to take responsibility for our actions.  Too often we blame the stars, God’s will, or fate for our mistakes and bad fortune.  And yes, there are many subconscious factors shaping our efforts:  e.g. age, physical health, personality type, family of origin issues, level of education, personal crises, etc.  But despite the unknown effects of all these factors, we have to give something our best shot and then wait. 

The “I am God” delusion greatly impedes that waiting.  We all believe at some level that we can and should manipulate our circumstances and those about us to meet our needs, that we can do anything we want in the name of personal freedom, and things will be fine. 

Frequently the only way for a delusion to end is by having a crisis that  makes it impossible to continue with it.  Someone recently told me about a relative of theirs who sang in the choir of a church that basically ignored all anti-covid guidelines.  It just couldn’t happen to them.  Then the wrong choir member showed up and a large number of members tested positive.  I can imagine a church replacing a stricken pastor, but good tenors are really hard to find! 🙂

Join with us this Sunday as we remind ourselves, “I’m not God!”