You’re the Man

You’re the Man

Our text today is about David.  Most of us, when we hear his name, also think of Goliath.  I just happen to know a limerick about Goliath.

From head to toe armored for war

The giant came out with a roar

But with ease the young lad

Mortally peppered him bad

Who did your armor, Dior?

Our text for today comes from the one David story we’d like to forget.  It’s the story about David, Bathsheba, and her husband Uriah.  In one short text, David breaks three commandments:  he covets, he commits adultery, and he kills.  But this horrific tale about Jesus’ great, great, ever-so-great grandparents has a happy ending—sort of.  Join with us this Sunday as we use an interesting literary technique to unpack how this ancient tale has implications for each of us.