The goal of servant leaders is to love and serve those they lead by helping them find and productively use their gifts in the ministry of the body.

“So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.” John 13:14

Rev. Paul Demotte

The Senior Pastor, called primarily to the Word and sacrament, is the senior member of the church staff, responsible to Northminster Presbyterian Church, to the Trinity Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and the Mission Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Rev. Bill Bischoff

The Parish Associate Pastor is an ordained minister and responsible to assist the Senior Pastor with ministerial and support needs as they arise. The Associate Pastor is primarily involved in church ministries such as preaching by filling the pulpit as needed, teaching, counseling, small group ministries, and general support of other church programs.

Sara Holland

The Director of Christian Education serves as a member of the church staff, directing and managing all Educational ministries of Northminster Presbyterian Church, with a special emphasis on Children’s & Youth Ministries.

Janis Lappeus

The Clerk of Session takes minutes for the Session and maintains all of the church’s ledgers of membership, births, baptisms, deaths, and elders. However, the role takes on a special significance well beyond its stated duties. In leadership and influence across the congregation, the Session Clerk is a partner with the Minister and often speaks for the Congregation and Elders in offering words of guidance and encouragement to the Minister as well as being the key to marshaling resources and…

Melynn Young

The Director of Music Ministry is responsible for assisting the Church in evaluating, planning, and conducting a comprehensive music ministry. The Director works under the direction of, and is responsible to, the Senior Pastor.

Steve Richards

The Assistant Minister of Music supports all aspects of the Music Ministry of the Church. The Assistant Minister of Music is responsible for carrying out the vision of Sunday morning worship services as well as special services and events as directed by the Minister of Music. Additionally, this person is responsible for communications, scheduling and training of the Northminstrels folk group.

Jay Young

The Youth Director leads the young people of our Church — typically in the middle and high school years — in their faith development. The Youth Director imparts the teachings of our faith through prayer, events, activities and mission trips that appeal to youth while encouraging them to be faithful followers of the church.

Sheryl Dinklage

The Church Accompanist provides organ and piano music and accompaniment for scheduled worship services and other activities in support of the music ministry of the church.

Joyce Heath

The Nursery Attendant cares for children in the Church Nursery area for attending members and visitors on Sundays and on other special occasions.

Natalie Mendoza

The Nursery Attendant cares for children in the Church Nursery area for attending members and visitors on Sundays and on other special occasions.