A message from our Pastor

A message from our Pastor

The other day I was reading chapter 7 of the Gospel of Matthew. There are so many gems tucked away in this chapter that it would take months to preach a sermon series on all of them. These truths are especially helpful in the crazy lock down times in which we live. One of them seems especially relevant.

In Matthew 7:24-29, Jesus tells the story of a wise man who builds his house on rock and a foolish man who builds his on sand. When the rains come, the second man loses everything. We have no reason to believe that this man lacks faith in God or doesn’t pray and worship as a part of his life. He loses everything simply because he is stupid.

A recent cartoon shows Moses on Mt. Sinai with the new 10 Commandments. He’s saying to God, “Shouldn’t there be a command here for preachers not to ask their congregations to meet during a Covid-19 lock down?” “Nah,” replies God from the cloud. “No one is that stupid!”

The Bible has much to say about wise living, and not just in the Book of
Proverbs. As we face a highly contagious disease, let’s be faithful, loving—and smart.

—— Paul