Why Presbyterian?

Why Presbyterian?

You may be wondering, if you are reading this post, what is a Presbyterian and why should I attend a Presbyterian Church? What do they offer me that other churches don’t? 

If you are wondering those questions, you’ve certainly asked the right ones.  Today’s believers have, as never before, a multitude of Christian denominations to choose from; Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Church of Christ and on and on the list goes.  You also may be attending a large non-denominational church. They are very popular. Many of our visitors attend them and are looking for something deeper. For many of those, they feel a sense of something missing. They want something more.  Due to the limitations of large size, these churches must professionalize their services which leaves little to do for the congregants. Huge churches basically operate on show up, praise up, pay up and leave, because the next service is coming in.  So without trying to explain each denomination, let me tell you what to expect in a Presbyterian church.

If you visit, the first thing you will notice is the smaller size. It’s a more intimate experience. People will know you are there because they know each other. There will be a definite sense of community. If you start attending regularly, people will ask you how you are doing and actually mean it.  If your regular attendance is interrupted, they’ll care enough to check on you to see if you are all right.  But if you DO start attending regularly, don’t be surprised if someone comes up and asks you to help take part in something more. 

Presbyterians believe strongly that as Christians, you serve Christ by serving in the church and throughout the local community. Presbyterians are very active Christians. They want to take responsibility in having input to important decisions that affect the church and community. But that’s not all.

Presbyterians believe in the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit working through all members, male and female. If you are asked to become a deacon or elder, you will be meeting with others to make prayerful decisions that impact both your church and the world around you. This requires a deepening of faith and prayer life. You will be getting your hands deeper into the dough, so to speak. It can be thrilling. So if this sounds like something you’ve been yearning for, come check us out on Sundays. We’ll be happy to meet you.

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