Leadership Staff

Leadership Staff

Rev. Bill Bischoff

Bill Bischoff

After serving in the military as a Chaplain, Rev Bishoff continues to serve God alongside us here at NPC, assisting in worship and providing pastoral care to our congregation.
Director of Music Ministry

Melynn Young

The Director of Music Ministry is responsible for assisting the Church in evaluating, planning, and conducting a comprehensive music ministry. The Director works under the direction of, and is responsible to, the Senior Pastor. God has truly blessed Northminster Church with devoted choir members, along with all of those who share their talents through instrumental music. Working together we all make our blended worship service music experiences unique and special. It has been my honor to lead the Northminster Music Ministry…
Assistant Minister of Music

Steve Richards

The Assistant Minister of Music supports all aspects of the Music Ministry of the Church. The Assistant Minister of Music is responsible for carrying out the vision of Sunday morning worship services as well as special services and events as directed by the Minister of Music. Additionally, this person is responsible for communications, scheduling and training of the Northminstrels folk group.
Church Accompanist

Sheryl Dinklage

Watch the Installation of our Pastor, Rev, Dana Boes Pope, Livestreamed on Saturday, September 24 at 2 P.M.
Pastor Dana Pope's Installation Livestream Sept 24 @ 2 P.M.
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