How Our Story Began

In 1981 the Presbyterian Development Foundation of South Texas purchased 5+ acres on Tezel Road in Northwest San Antonio. In 1982 Rev. Don Houdeshell was chosen as the founding pastor and began the task of drawing together a nucleus of people interested in a new Presbyterian Church.

Up until that time a small group, determined to form a new Presbyterian Church, were meeting in members’ homes. They joined because of an ad for the new church in a local neighborhood newspaper or because they heard about the group by ‘word of mouth’ and sought out the church.

The first service of worship was held in the New Territories Recreation Center on Easter Sunday, 1982. Representatives from the Presbytery and sister churches swelled the attendance to 130 that day.

The new group soon outgrew the Recreation Center and in November 1982 moved to nearby Northwest Crossing Elementary School.  In February of 1983, the new congregation petitioned to ordain its first elders. This occurred on Palm Sunday, 1983, with 250 people attending. Some 101 new members signed the charter.

A critical step in the process of organizing any new church is deciding on a name for the congregation. After receiving and evaluating a wide range of suggestions, including some fanciful possibilities like “St. Peter’s in the Cedars” the committee formed to seek a new name narrowed it down to two: “Faith Community ” and “Northminster”. The votes were cast on November 28, 1982, and Northminster became the official name.

The congregation elected a Building Committee in December of 1983 and construction began in January 1985. The building was completed and dedicated in October 1985.The church began as a tri-union church: United Presbyterian (northern), Presbyterian Church U.S. (southern) and Cumberland Presbyterian. Two denominations, United Presbyterian and Presbyterian Church U.S., merged in 1983 and Northminster became a Union Church.

What we Believe


Sharing the world of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission Statement

We the congregation of Northminster Presbyterian Church, realizing that Jesus Christ came to free us from our sin by his death on the cross and that God vindicated him by resurrecting him from the dead, stand together as one body to glorify God’s name.

Our Core Values

  • Above all else Jesus Christ is Lord and everything done in the church is to worship and glorify God through faith in Him.
  • The study of the scripture and prayer are essential to that process.
  • The church exists to introduce people to Jesus, especially children.
  • Each member of the church is uniquely gifted and is encouraged to use his or her gifts in service and love of the whole body. Everyone is valuable.
  • We are a church family, enthusiastically inviting and warmly accepting all people to share and celebrate in the love of Christ together in worship, music, education, mission, prayer, fellowship and the sacraments.

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