In the past we have had a password protected PDF file for our directory. We are now using the Lifetouch website release of the directory. Click the button above to go to the online directory. If you’d like an overview of the website continue reading.

With this new link, there’s a lot more functionality.  You can enter names (full or partial) in the search box on the top to avoid scrolling, or trying to find someone who’s last name escapes you.  You can also jump straight to specific letters on the right hand side.

What you will see when you log in to Lifetouch

Once you find who you’re looking for, click on their picture.  It will then take you to their full information. From here, you can see all the details. Based on your computer settings, you can call and email straight from this screen.  If you use the site on your phone, you can easily call and send emails from their as well. The third blue icon will take you to a map of their address in case you need directions.

While it is different, I think the options through the link really open up some possibilities!  If you have any questions, please feel email or speak with Jessica Cassell.