Living the Great Commission

The call of every Christian—sharing the Good News of salvation—is the basis for all that we do at Northminster. Regardless of other life tasks, our primary work is to fulfill the Great Commission wherever God places us. In our homes, our neighborhoods and workplaces, and wherever we go in the community, we are called to serve. Our Missions Ministry at Northminster responds to three strands of the Great Commission: evangelism (a passion for the lost), discipleship (spiritual multiplication) and reaching out to the poor. God only asks that we make ourselves available to Him.

We’re excited about the missions and evangelism ministries we have in place to share the love of Christ through people just like you—people who want to make an eternal difference with their lives. The opportunities to serve are limitless! We encourage you to prayerfully consider how God can use you.


The Worship Ministry is responsible for working with the pastor and music ministry staff to oversee all components involved in providing meaningful Christian worship.  The elders that lead the Worship ministry are Yvonne May and Brian Harding.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry of Northminster believes that learning is a continuing process as a Christian.  We recognize that developing spiritual practices and growing in our faith can’t be just a “Sunday thing”.  Developing our faith requires effort and energy, and not everyone has time on Sunday morning to attend a class.  Therefore, our Christian Education ministry tries to schedule classes for adults during the weekdays throughout the year for those who find those times more convenient.  Classes are held both during the day and in the evenings.  Most classes span a period of 6 – 10 weeks, some longer, so that the subject can be examined in some depth.  We hope you will feel welcome to join us anytime you are available!  The elders that lead the Christian Education ministry are Marisa Mascorro Jr and Sara Young.

Property Management

The Property Management Ministry is responsible for the appearance, maintenance and repair of all church buildings, facilities and grounds. The elders that lead the Property Management ministry are Lowell Cornelius and Tom Miller.

Mission and Outreach

The Mission and Outreach Ministry is responsible for leading Northminster in acts of mission and keeping the congregation aware of local, national, and international mission needs. The ministry is to inform the congregation of opportunities for giving financial and volunteer support, for carrying out projects extending beyond the congregation, and for giving support to missions and missionaries.  The elders that lead the Mission and Outreach ministry are Lynn Carroll and Miriam Ybarra-Rodriguez.

Growth and Fellowship

 The Growth and Fellowship Ministry is responsible for the systematic growth of Northminster through attracting and embracing visitors; the recruitment and assimilation of new members into the fellowship of our community of faith.  The elders that lead the Growth and Fellowship ministry are Larry Oesterle and Holly Perry.

Finance and Personnel

Finance Ministry is responsible for the finances of the church, including preparing the annual budget; collecting, recording and banking offerings; paying the bills of the church; making the church’s loan payments on time. Also, it conducts the annual Pledge Drive of faith. Personnel  is responsible for hiring staff and drawing up contractual agreements for ministers and other employees. The elders that lead the Finance and Personnel ministry are Ron Garcia and Lora Harvda.

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