Who we are

Who we are


While our church is young in years, we have a deep connection with the Presbyterian tradition and have denominational ties to the Cumberland and Presbyterian Church (USA) Presbyterian denominations. Some of the founding members of the church are still part of our congregation but many of our members have come to our family through military assignments or job transfers making us a racially and culturally diverse family.  We’d love for you to join our family. Come the first time as a visitor and return again as a friend.  

Bienvenidos, Herzlich Willkommen, Welcome. Any way you say it—you are welcome.

Our History...

Our Form of Church Government

Presbyterian churches are made up of four categories of church government; the session, presbytery, synod, and general assembly.

Northminster is governed by elected elders who make up a “session.” Presbyteries are made up of ordained clergy and elder delegates from each congregation within their bounds. Presbyteries, in turn, send delegates to synods. Finally, the entire structure is governed by the General Assembly.

Moderate and Middle-of-the-road

We do not run to extremes, nor are we fanatic in theology, attitudes, or practices. Some of our members are more conservative, while others are more liberal and we are fine with that.


Our members reflect many denominational and theological backgrounds and concepts. We are tolerant and accepting of different notions. We are not dogmatic. However, we have an official creed, stipulated by both PC(USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, in their Confession of Faith to which we require loyalty on the part of ministers and church officers.

A Mixture of Traditionalism and Openness

We attempt to conserve established traditions while at the same time we try to adapt our methods and message to the present day.

Watch the Installation of our Pastor, Rev, Dana Boes Pope, Livestreamed on Saturday, September 24 at 2 P.M.
Pastor Dana Pope's Installation Livestream Sept 24 @ 2 P.M.
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